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Stanto's World

24th November, 2010. 8:48 pm. Sleepy.

I'm so very tired these days.

It's not particularly my job that tires me, although it can be quite physically and mentally active.

It's the traveling which gets me. I spend a good portion of my day walking, this is a typical day:

1. Wake at 6:45am
2. Travel to the bus stop at 7:25am
3. Get on the bus at 7:45am
4. Wait in traffic on the bus, arrive at destination 8:20
5. Walk to work, arrive at 8:40am

When going home,

1. Leave work at 5:00
2. Arrive at bus stop 5:20
3. Get on bus at 6:06
4. Get off bus and walk home, arriving at 7:45

It takes me two and three quarter hours to get home and almost an hour to get to work. I spend almost four hours trying to get to and from home.

In that time I could code software, cook food, do my online food shopping.

What's extending my day to waste 4 hours of my waking day? Well a main part of this is that the 229 Arriva bus travels along Gelderd road through Wortley (sp?) and crosses the ring road. The priorities on this ring road are totally wrong and could do with being an under/over pass.

The wait at that crossroads can exceed 20 to 40 minutes. The bus journey is meant to be 20 minutes, this is doubled.

The return journey is extended by the fact that I don't get dropped off at my workplace and have to walk from the city centre, the second is that the bus comes at every half hour, 5 minutes past and 25 minutes to.

That's if the bus turns up at 25 minutes to, which because of crossing the ringroad, only gets me home 15 minutes earlier than the 6:06pm bus.

Oh there's a bus stop that's right outside of my flat, but that bus takes 50 minutes to get into the city centre and runs every hour, sometimes.

As the public we're meant to be ushered towards busses because they "take 10 cars off the road".

If I wasn't forced to use busses, I would gladly not.

Current mood: tired.

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